Join us at EXPO BIZ FIT PANAMA 2015 from 20 to 22 October at the ATLAPA Convention Center.
We are pleased to extend an invitation to visit our booth in the exhibition area # 64 (next to City of Knowledge corner).

We will also be participating as speakers with the conference “Open Data Trend and its impact on ecosystems of innovation” on October 21 11:45 a.m.

In recent years governments are becoming valuable datasets that were previously hidden in valuable data that can boost open innovation. Many cases around the world show the impact that is being generated and give an idea of ​​what this may mean for Panama and the region.

Cases of companies and government agencies that based on open data managed impact on transparency, public-private partnerships, citizen participation and innovation in applications and services to citizens.

Cities such as Palo Alto, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and cities such as Bahia Blanca in Argentina, in Peru Lima and Miraflores, and Providencia and Puente Alto in Chile programs are defining and launching high impact Open Data.

From these experiences many lessons that apply to the development of the practice of Open Data and Open Government in Latin America are derived. These topics will be discussed during this presentation.

We live in an era of “Big Data” in which the ability to generate efficiencies and innovation based on science data is recognized. Governments have valuable information that can be the source of much value creation. Open Data are allowing this valuable data previously hidden in databases and servers now become available and generate new services, greater transparency and citizen participation

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